Stay up to date with your favorite musicians by following their feeds and replying to their posts with your own voice!

Fresh Sounds

Press the record button to give your followers 7 seconds of audio.

7 Seconds to Record

Listen to your friends as they share the world around them.

Hear Your Friends

A minimalistic design approach designed to complement any device.

iOS & Android

Connect with people purely on the quality of their sounds and content anywhere in the world.

Expand Your Network


Intuitive User Interface

We created an interface similar to some of your favorite social apps so you wouldn’t have to think too much. Quickly start creating sounds and sharing them with your followers!


Features That Matter

Quickly see how many ‘likes’ and comments you have or share a sound right from your “Soundboard”!

Easily access your network of friends or explore the sound bank to find new people to connect with.


Connect With Your Friends

Connect with just about anyone you come across in the Soundr network. Unlike other audio sharing apps, you do not need someone’s contact information to follow and communicate with them. ┬áThis opens up a world of opportunities for you to explore.

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